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Grilled BBQ Ontario Corn Pizza

Yields1 Serving

Recipe Courtesy of
Kamoosh Bistro
34 Main St. North, Waterdown

Corn Pizza

Herbed Garlic Cream Sauce (pizza base):
 1 cup of 35% cream
 1.25 fl oz of garlic butter (you can use store bought)
 1/2 of tablespoon of fine diced fresh basil
 1/2 of tablespoon of fine diced fresh Italian parsley
 1/4 tsp of ground white pepper or black pepper
 1/2 tsp of kosher salt
Pizza Ingredients:
 6 oz fresh pizza dough (you can use store bought)
 1 scallion
 100 grams of Buffalo Mozzarella
 1 fl oz grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
 5 fl oz of shredded mozzarella
 1.5 cups of grilled corn
 1 fl oz chiffonade (thin slices) of fresh basil
 1 tbsp of fine diced fresh Italian parsley
 6 tbsp of tomato sauce (you can use store bought)
Herbed Garlic Cream Sauce:

Put all ingredients in a saucepan at medium heat and cook till it coats the back of a spoon and set aside.

Grilled Corn On The Cob:

Remove husk and blanch in boiling water for 3 to 4 minutes, remove and place on Hot BBQ to get charred on all sides. Remove corn from BBQ and cool. Slice off the kernels with a knife.

Pizza Method:

Roll your pizza dough very thin to a 12 inch round and place it on a pizza tray prepped with corn meal.


Rub a thin layer of the herbed garlic cream sauce on the pizza dough and leave half an inch from the crust.


Place the shredded mozzarella evenly to cover the sauce and top the shredded mozzarella with the grilled corn evenly. Slice thinly the fresh Buffalo Mozzarella and place it evenly on the pizza.


Place table spoons of tomato sauce between each circle of the buffalo mozzarella.


Sprinkle the shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano evenly around the pizza.


Season the top of the pizza with salt and pepper.


Place in a pre-heated convection oven at 375 Fahrenheit. If you are using a conventional oven add another 25 degrees. You can finish the entire pizza in around 8 to 10 minutes. OR you can remove from oven after 3 to 4 minutes and transfer to a medium heated BBQ. Rotate the pizza every 30 seconds for approximately one minute to get a nice char on the bottom of the pizza. Then transfer it back to the oven for another 3 minutes and remove.


Once pizza is done, cut the pizza in slices and top with fresh chiffonade (thin slices) of basil, diced Italian parsley and sliced scallions (green section). Thinly slice the white section of the scallion and place in ice water to curl. Place the curled white section of the scallions on as garnish. If you like your pizza spicy add some of your favourite hot peppers or drizzle with some spicy oil.