Look Local is presenting a new way to Shop Local

You’re probably wondering where our Shop Local section is this month… Well, we’re working on something new that we’re really excited about, but it’s not quite ready!

Since the beginning, our mission at Look Local has been to celebrate the community and promote local small business. Over the past few months we’ve had time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished with this magazine, but we’ve also been innovating and working on new ideas to help small businesses and better serve our community.

We’re building a local marketplace where small businesses can showcase their products. Think of it as the ultimate ‘Shop Local’ page, where you can find all your favourite local products in one place – and check out in one easy transaction from the comfort of your couch.

The benefits of shopping local are huge, and they impact the entire community. We hope that by providing this platform it will help everyone in our community, residents and businesses alike. Stay tuned!

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If you are a local business Interested in joining the marketplace, email us at info@looklocal.ca to learn more.

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