5 Things to on Labor Day Long Weekend

cold drink on patio

The Labour Day long weekend approaches, but it’s also the last long weekend of summer vacation.

Make the most of the holiday and pack in as many fun activities as you can, like these:

  1. Visit a beach. Kids seem to love swimming even if the water’s too cold for an adult to dip anything in other than their feet. Check out our beach feature and pick the sand that best suits you.
  2. Get ice cream. Ah, contentment in a cone. So many flavours, whether it’s gelato, ice cream or sorbet, from simple servings to elaborate desserts. Find our best bets for an ice cold treat here.
  3. Eat al fresco. Enjoy the ambience and outdoors at a local restaurant patio. There are lots to choose from.
  4. Make it to the market. Downtown Oakville, Burlington Mall and Centro‘s (downtown) farmer’s markets are still going strong and local seasonal produce readily available.
  5. Go to a food festival. This weekend marks Burlington’s annual Ribfest. Lots of food and fun down at Spencer Smith Park.

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