Local Artisan Showcase: La Dee Da Sauces

la dee da sauce company

No matter where you live, there’s no denying the trend towards locally sourced food. But when we think local, we usually think produce. There is of course, a growing trend of local business owners crafting anything from beer to soda to sauces, right here in our backyard. Mary Marino, Jo Anne Elsbury and Marlow Italiano are three ladies who shared a vision of changing the way people eat, one sauce at a time, and they’re based here in Stoney Creek.

la dee da sauces la dee da sauce la dee da

La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces is a locally sourced, artisan made, gourmet sauce company. This little company is making big waves with the on-trend market of vegans, vegetarians and health conscious people.  They’ve quickly grown into a company that distributed in 5 stores to over 95 in less than a year, creating a buzz around town for these uniquely different flavour enhancing sauces.  The flavours include, the Fusion-12 Vegetable sauce, Fresco-Mushroom & Basil White Wine Sauce and Fire & Ice Spicy Ice Wine Relish.  All extremely versatile, fresh and full of goodness, these sauces tempt your palette as well as your culinary skills to create new recipes that will make you look like a professional chef. They boast, that from ‘blah to La Dee Da’ will be your new motto. 

So next time you’re at the grocery store, look out for La Dee Da sauces and support a local business. Wondering what to create with them? Check out these recipes below!

la dee da

La Dee Da Sauces


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