Kit and Ace Open New Store in Port Carling, Muskoka

kit and ace muskoka

Kit and Ace, one of Canada’s coolest clothing brands, just opened up a new shop in picturesque Port Carling, Muskoka. Situated right on the water, the shop is in an old boat house that has been beautifully restored with white washed walls and wooden beams, complete with the signature Kit and Ace brass accents. The store sits above the Port Carling satellite location of Toronto taco-house Grand Electric, which serves as a delicious complement to any shopping excursion.

kit and ace muskoka

Inside, expect to find the Kit and Ace summer collection, complete with their first ever line of swim suits. The Muskoka shop has also partnered with the Drake General Store, who carry a small sampling of local pottery, dry foods, water bottles and other things that define Canadiana and life up north.

kit and ace muskoka

Next time you’re in Muskoka this summer be sure to stop by and check out this beautiful shop, and enjoy a couple of tacos while you’re at it. The shop is open weekends only in June, and then every day through July and August.

Kit and Ace Muskoka

2 Unit, 7 James Bartleman Way, Port Carling

+1 844-548-6223

kit and ace port carling

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