BRIGHT RUN – LOCAL EVENT, RAISING LOCAL DOLLARS, to support Breast Cancer researchers at the Juravinski Cancer Centre

BRIGHT RUN – a brief history. 

(Breast cancer Research in Greater Hamilton Today) 

So what was the catalyst for the BRIGHT RUN? 

To say that we were proud of “our care and research” is an understatement. We were, and we continue to be passionate about it.

Our patients told us that they would support research at our Centre, beyond simply writing a cheque, if we held our own walk/run.

So by the Fall of 2007, the seed had been planted and in the Spring of 2008, the BRIGHT RUN came to be.

The Breast Cancer Disease Simgite Group formed a volunteer committee. As medical professionals, we had little experience with the organization of a fund raising event, but learned very quickly. The Rail Trail in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area was selected as the venue and the first Saturday after Labour Day – our date.

You could feel the excitement in the air of the Cancer Centre in the weeks leading up to the first BRIGHT RUN.

Saturday morning September 6th, 2008 arrived. It was raining and misty. The weather however did not dampen the spirits and enthusiasm of the participants. Just before the BRIGHT RUN started the clouds parted and the sun came out. An omen…perhaps. The event was a great success – 1002 participants raised over $250,000!

This heralded the commitment of the Breast Disease Site Team and the community to continue to support the outstanding researchers in the Department of Oncology, McMaster University at the Juravinski Cancer Centre. Each year, the BRIGHT RUN has been supported by over 1000 participants and 300 volunteers

Over $1.9 million has been raised in support of Breast cancer

Research In Greater Hamilton Today
We are very proud of the work we do here in Hamilton at the img2Juravinski Cancer Centre in support of women, and men with breast cancer. Through the BRIGHT RUN, we look forward to bringing increased awareness to breast cancer research being done right here in Hamilton, and raising much needed funds to ensure it continues.

Join us September 12th, 2015!!

For more information or to sign up today please visit

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