Young Canadian Entrepreneur Jason Mota appointed Managing Director of Zodiac Events to take Event Management firm to the next level

Alan Barnes, President of Zodiac Events Inc. – a North American based full service Event Management firm has recently appointed one of Canada’s youngest, award winning artists and Entrepreneurs, Jason Mota as the Managing Director. Jason first made his mark in the world of Marketing & Advertising at the age of 20, winning a series of awards, both national and international, that lead him to embark on an Entrepreneurial path, and the creation of advertising agency Domus Vitae Inc.

Jason Mota and his phenomenal team of industry experts have developed a new and innovative strategic direction for Zodiac Events with plans to launch world-class events this year, in Toronto, and in the following years around the globe. Holding both the position as DV’s President, and Managing Director for Zodiac Events, has allowed Zodiac Events to become a seamless full cycle event management firm, unlike any other.

New to the roster of events is Zodiac Chat – a quarterly speaker series circled around the elements of our world, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. An event hosted by Zodiac Events a corporation dedicated to the development of events that help to entertain, explore and experience our world. The goal is to bring elements of life to our audience – driving, motivating and encouraging them. Each chat focuses on topics related to independent themes- Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

Fire: Adversity, overcoming of obstacles, realizations, and triumphs

Earth: Nature, science
Air: Aviation, astrology, space
Water: Circulation, life, body, higher wisdom

On November 6th 2014, Zodiac Events will launch the first ever speaker series of this caliber at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre titled Zodiac Chat “Fire” featuring Boston Marathon survivor Heather Abbott, 127 hours survivor Aron Ralston, and a final special celebrity keynote who rounds up these motivational survivors.

Experience the stories that have changed and altered lives. From personal adversity, to masters of Science, Zodiac Chat offers its attendees the unique life-altering opportunity to delve into a realm like no other. Hear stories that will change the way you look at life forever, from how to overcome personal challenges in life, entrepreneurial tactics you can implement in your business, to inventors and creators that will motivate you to appreciate our worlds advancements. Come experience our Leaders of Influence.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, November 6th 2014. For more information on Zodiac Events Inc., or to pre-book tickets please contact

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Zodiac Events goal is to be the leader in North American entertainment, by developing events that enhance the value of life. Their Staff is comprised of people who are passionate in celebrating life through the development of events. The full service Event Management Firm provides a one-stop- shop with seamless transportation, logistics & customs implementation services for goods of all sizes, through partnerships with ICECORP Logistics Inc. & Mendelssohn Commerce.

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