Seafood Paella
Recipe courtesy of Barra Fíon Tapas & Barrel  |   905 319 3466 Visit them online at
Seafood Paella
Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella – Blackened Catfish, Calamari, Mussels and Shrimp


April 4, 2018

Recipe courtesy of Barra Fíon Tapas & Barrel  |   905 319 3466
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  • Yields: Serves 2


8oz par cooked saffron rice

2 oz diced onions

1 oz chopped garlic

½ oz adobo sauce

1 oz white wine

1 oz stock

1 oz saffron tea

½ lb mussels

1 tube calamari cut into rings

6 raw jumbo shrimp

1 oz marinara sauce

7 oz catfish filet

2 oz cajun spice

Sprig of tarragon


1Saute the onions, garlic, poblano pepper, and adobo sauce in a large frying pan. Add the mussels, shrimp, and calamari and saute them for two minutes. Then add the white wine, stock, marinara sauce and saffron tea. Finally add the rice, mix well and bake in a 375 degree oven until the seafood and the rice are cooked, and the juices in the pan run dry.

2In the meantime, add oil to a large frying pan and heat on high until it smokes slightly. Dredge the fish in cajun spice and carefully add it to the smoky pan and sear on both sides for 2-4 mins depending on thickness, or until the fish is cooked and blackened.

3Plate the rice mixture in a bowl and display the mussels around the rice showing the shrimp and calamari. Gently place the blackened catfish on top of the dish, and garnish with a sprig of tarragon. Serve and enjoy.

This flavourful paella will whisk you away to the streets of Spain! It is packed with delicious seafood and a hint of heat. Try it at home, or on the menu at Barra Fíon today!


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