Recipe courtesy of Beaumont Kitchen, Etobicoke. Visit them at or call 416.641.7327

Roasted Chicken Supreme with potato gnocchi, wild mushrooms & sherry brown butter


November 17, 2016

Recipe courtesy of Beaumont Kitchen, Etobicoke. Visit them at or call 416.641.7327


4 Chicken Breasts

20 oz Good Quality Gnocchi

8 oz Butter

1 lb Chanterelle Mushrooms

2 oz Sherry

1 cup Good Quality Chicken Stock

4 Sprigs Thyme

4 Cloves Garlic, Crushed

4 tbsp Chopped Fresh Parsley


1Trim any excess skin from the chicken breasts. Season with salt and pepper and allow the salt to dry the skin out for about 30 minutes before you cook them. The skin should be facing up.

2Preheat your oven to 350 Degrees F.

3Heat a cast iron skillet with a film of vegetable oil. Once it is almost smoking add in the chicken skin side down and the first 4 oz of butter. If you have a large cast iron pan you can cook all of the chicken breasts at once. If not do this in 2 batches.

4Add in the garlic and thyme and transfer the chicken to the oven, again skin side down. Roast for 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and flip the chicken over to seal the other side. Cook for another 10 minutes.

5Remove the garlic and thyme from the pan. At this point all of its flavour has been transferred to the butter in the pan. Remove the chicken from the pan and allow to rest.

6Cook the gnocchi in boiling salted water until it floats for 1 minute. Add the gnocchi and chanterelle mushrooms to the pan, and cook until gnocchi and mushrooms are nicely browned.

7Deglaze the pan with the sherry vinegar and reduce by a quarter. Next deglaze with the chicken stock and reduce by a quarter again.

8At this point remove the pan from the heat and add the remaining 4 oz of butter. Stir the butter into the reduced sauce to make a nice emulsion. Finish with the fresh parsley and season with salt.

9Spoon the gnocchi, mushrooms and sauce into 4 serving bowls. Carve the chicken and place this on top of the gnocchi.

Like it or not, winter is coming! And this is the perfect recipe to counteract the coming cold weather. If your busy holiday schedule doesn't allow for time to cook, you can try this delicious recipe on the winter menu at Beaumont Kitchen.


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