Winter Walking With Pets

Winter Walking

Making an effort to get out in the winter with your furry friend can be challenging. Most days we’d much rather be snuggled up inside where it’s cozy and warm, our pets curled up at our feet.  

Everyone enjoys being out in the cold much more when they have the proper gear for those chilly temps, and the same is true for dogs.  Going for walks in the winter can be made more enjoyable for your pet with the right winter accessories.

Dog Boots

Ice and snow can be painful to a dog’s sensitive paws and the salt and de-icers from the roads even more so. Look for ones that are waterproof and have good traction and are the right size and fit for your dog.

Dog Coats

While some dogs seem to be built for winter weather with their dense fur, smaller dogs or those with short hair can require more protection from the elements.  

Having a warm coat for dogs with short hair is especially important. Smaller dogs who don’t have much hair are at risk of suffering from the cold, as they don’t have long hair to keep them warm.

With the proper accessories you’ll not only increase your pet’s enjoyment during those winter walks, you’ll also be keeping them healthy and safe.

Visit local pet stores for the latest selection of fashionable and protective snow booties, coats and of course… treats!

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