june, 2018

24junAll DayRelationships that Work Family Constellations20 LakeShore Blvd. W.


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Do you have family reunions coming up ?
Or family vacations?

Summer holidays, weddings with the family
are supposed to be fun. Our relationships can bring in a wide range of challenges to the surface.

Sometimes we don’t feel fully equipped to deal with what arises.

Did you know? Over 70% of repetitive conflicts between a couple, come from our family of origin.

So when looking at problems in any relationship, it serves us to look beyond the 2 people involved. The obscurities and dynamics and what we call entanglements reach far beyond what is showing up today.

Pain travels through families for 7 generations or more until someone sees and feels it. ( The science of epegentics research over the past 15yrs. Has come to this very conclusion)

Relationships that Work Workshop is for you if:

You’ve grown tired of those same old arguments?

You’d like to finally attract an Intimate relationship where you can be fully yourself

Maybe you’d like to build on the success you have in your relationships

You yearn for more supportive relationships and a experience of deeper intimacy and connection in spite of being a very conscious and caring person

You want to understand your true nature

You’re tired of doing it alone and yet you struggle to let yourself be supported.

You find yourself over doing and over giving and you feel unsupported

You want to be a better parent/partner but you just can’t figure out how

You want to have a full partnership with someone a romantic partner who matches your values and your visions

You crave to be more present to your family, children and in your close relationships?

You feel like you don’t Belong, you yearn for more self expression, aliveness meaning and contribution

In this experiential workshop you’ll learn your unique relationship style. You’ll see why your stuck, where your challenges originated and how to bring them into balance, so you can have fun and joy in all your life.

It’s time to create a new legacy that you’re proud to pass on to the following generations.

If you’re frustrated because you still have struggles … even after everything you’ve tried. You’re in the right place because Family Constellations has helped people in every area of life…Those family get together’s can be fun.
This one day can make dramatic changes in your life.

Please reach out if you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them. RSVP soon, this has gone out to other lists. Change really can happen fast when we look in the right places. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Terry Dika Volchoff
Family Constellations Facilitator

Early Bird Tickets $75.00 CAD till June 10, after that $85.00 please pay here


All Day (Sunday)


LaSalle Towers Level B

20 LakeShore Blvd. W.

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