Review: The Lettuce Love Cafe (Formerly Kind Food)

Lettuce Love

The Lettuce Love Cafe (formerly Kind Food) is one of those places where after the first bite, you’re already planning your next visit. The vegan restaurant and cafe is located in Downtown Burlington and is incredibly popular with vegans and non-vegans alike. Inside you’ll find a small, simple dining area with high top tables and pictures of celebrity vegans on the floor. If you’re of the camp that thinks of vegan food as flavourless, you need to experience Lettuce Love! Opting for the “Goddess Bowl” could, in fact, change your life. The variety of flavours, textures and aromas is sure to leave you wanting more (but maybe give it a few hours, because it’s incredibly filling). Inside the Goddess Bowl you’ll find braised organic kale on a bed of organic brown sticky-rice. On top of that is a gluten-free tamari, shredded raw carrots and beets, a cashew ginger sauce and marinated tofu. The whole dish is served sprinkled with sesame seeds. Be warned, this dish is addictive! Be sure to try the smoothies while you’re there too. Delicious!

Lettuce Love

Lettuce Love Cafe

399 John St, Burlington

(905) 637-2700

Review by Danielle Cherkas



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