Trimmed in Towne Square: Downtown Oakville’s Tree designed by Ramsin Khachi

Between appearing on Marilyn Denis Show, running a renowned design business and getting his own family ready for the holidays, Ramsin Khachi is a busy man.

KHACHI Design Group was chosen to decorate the huge tree that now stands proudly (and prettily) in Oakville’s Towne Square. Ramsin took time out of his schedule to let us in on how the decor came together, and tell us a little bit of how he likes to spend the holiday season in town.

LL: What is the overall theme for the tree?

RK: The original theme was silver, champagne and gold. However, having to improvise a little, we decided to expand our theme to include some colour. I’m happy we did because we created a tree with the silver, champagne and gold that produce the elegance along with some colour trends that create a bit of Christmas whimsy that children really relate to.

LL: Do you enjoy decorating for the holidays?

RK: Truthfully, although I love the holidays and their beauty, I find my hectic lifestyle as a single parent and a business owner makes it a great deal of work. If I could have it all done at a snap of my fingers, I think I would!

LL: What traditions do you and your family have around town?

RK: I love taking a stroll to Towne Square with my kids; it’s a beautiful 5 to 10 minute walk for us. I especially love it when the snow is falling. We do this several times a week, however, there’s nothing more magical than sitting outside in Towne Square with a hot cup of coffee or a hot chocolate and enjoying the beauty of all of the Christmas lights shimmering through the snowfall.

LL: How many decorations were used on the tree?

RK: Well, a lot more than we ever thought! Isn’t that always the case? I think we started with approximately 150 pieces that we had shipped from California and Montreal, and ultimately needed three times more – almost 500.

LL: We definitely agree that after spending time shopping, strolling or eating during the holiday season culminates nicely in the square, sitting under the majesty of the tree. Happy Holidays!

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