Give the gift of local commerce to your neighbourhood this holiday season

(NC) Recent reports found that cross-border shopping dollars are estimated between 5 to 10 percent of total Canadian consumer spending for a minimum of 20 billion dollars each year.

Traffic across the border to the United States from Canada is consistently high during the last weekend in November, when Canadian shoppers will be looking for the best bargains and prices in order to fit gift purchases into their budgets take part in Black Friday. This holiday shopping tradition sees American retailers offering steep discounts and promotions to kick off the holiday shopping season.

In the same shopping period, other shoppers will take advantage of Cyber Monday deals and savings, diverting their spend online.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday make up the largest shopping holidays of the year and may offer price benefits to Canadian consumers, there are a number of positive impacts to the local Canadian business landscape which are offered by local shopping.

“Local businesses are now competing with businesses across the border and even across the world, through online shopping growth and the purchasing power of the Canadian dollar,” said François Ramsay, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Affairs for Yellow Pages Group, a digital media and marketing solutions company. “In the hunt for bargains, we sometimes forget that dollars spent locally have a multiplier effect on impact on our communities. When you spend your dollars close to home, you support small businesses, one of the largest employer groups in Canada and invest in creating sustainable and prosperous neighbourhoods for all Canadians.”

There are a number of events across Canada that encourage local shopping, including Shop The Neighbourhood (Burlington) and Oakville. This initiative of Yellow Pages Group takes place on November 30, 2013, strategically sandwiched between the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays with the goal of raising awareness and encouraging people to make local purchases in support of their neighbourhood businesses. This year’s Shop The Neighbourhood event takes place in the GTA with consumers benefitting from exclusive Shop The Neighbourhood deals offered by local merchants specifically for event day.

“There are echo effects when you make local purchases at businesses close to home. These businesses often source supplies locally, employ locally, and reinvest locally. Support for local commerce is directly related to the growth of the qualities that draw us to our neighbourhoods in the first place,” added Ramsay.

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