A Rogues Gallery…of Pumpkins!

I went to Hutchinson Farm over the weekend to catch up on a litle life in rural Burlington, enjoy the fall colours, celebrate the harvest – and let the kids play in the hay and pick some pumpkins. I also learned something new – about the many different varieties of pumpkins with unique patinas, patterns and markings.

My favourite was probably the Musquee de Provence. It looked like a perfect ceramic decoration.

The farm has an impressive gallery of standard, exotic pumpkins in many shapes and sizes, grown right on the farm: “big pumpkins, small pumpkins, giant pumpkins, tiny pumpkins, orange pumpkins, red pumpkins, grey pumpkins, white pumpkins, brown pumpkins, blue pumpkins, cheese pumpkins, smooth pumpkins, bumpy pumpkins, wrinkly pumpkins, warty pumpkins, hulless seed pumpkins, striped pumpkins, new pumpkins, old pumpkins, classic pumpkins, exotic pumpkins, ordinary pumpkins, cooking pumpkins, carving pumpkins…” to name just a few!

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