Amplify your holiday décor with pumped up Pumpkins

(NC) As the days become shorter and the temperature dips lower, it’s time to warm up home décor for the holidays.  Incorporate the look and feel of the season with beautiful harvest hues and easy, cost-effective do-it-yourself projects.

Indoor Autumn Accents: Fall is the perfect time to create a cozy indoor environment using the warm elements of the season. As a focal point in the living room, the mantel is a great place to start.  You can easily create a beautiful fall vignette that will last through Halloween and Thanksgiving with as little as a few artificial pumpkins and spray paint.

Bring a touch of nature into your home by spraying the pumpkins with Krylon’s Natural Stone Textured Finish, which is available in eight designer colours for an elegant, professional-looking textured appearance.  Or, you can also glam up your masterpiece by incorporating gold and silver hues using Krylon’s Dual Paint + Primer Metallic Finish.  Don’t have a mantel?  Don’t worry – these pumpkins also make for a fabulous tabletop centrepiece.

To finalize the look, incorporate scented candles in fall staples like apple, cinnamon and pumpkin spice to make the room more warm and inviting.

Create a Warm Welcome: Once you’ve made the indoor décor inviting, it’s time to create a festive front entrance.  Start by adorning your door with a festive and simple autumn wreath.  You can easily create your own with dried leaves from the yard or silk leaves from a craft store. Simply string each leaf onto a wire wreath and hang on the door.

Outdoor décor is also the perfect opportunity to use pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. A totem pole of pumpkins can add a fun touch to your front porch. After you’ve gathered pumpkins in different sizes, add variety by spray painting each a different colour.  Shades of yellow, gold or white will keep your display playful, yet sophisticated. Utilize an unused planter as a base to rest the largest pumpkin, then secure each smaller pumpkin atop one another with wooden skewers.  For an extra touch, stencil the pumpkins with house numbers to greet your guests.

Fresh Fall Foliage: Nothing says fall harvest like fresh seasonal flowers.  Arrangements of beautiful sunflowers, mums and daisies make great options. For an eye-catching display, pumpkins and gourds can easily be transformed into unique vases.  Simply cut a hole big enough to accommodate a couple of florist tubes and insert your favourite fall flowers.

With a few simple ideas and a little creativity, you can set the tone for the fall season and make your home a warm and inviting environment you’ll enjoy throughout the holidays.

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