Wow @ Wildhagen Greenhouses & Garden Centre

A few weeks ago I was informed of a new veggie market nearby. When I looked on their web site I was surprised by what else they offer – and excited to visit. Did you know there’s a garden centre and gift shop (and now, veggie market) in Campbellville, on the outskirts of Kilbride?

Wildhagen Greenhouses & Garden Centre started off as a wholesale company in 1969, growing flowers and produce but over the last 10 years the company tripled in size with over 50 greenhouses offering many kinds of annuals and perennials at very good prices.

The new retail Garden Centre opened to the public in the summer of 2010 and is now open year round – some of their gift items, jewelry and handbags were on sale for %40 off! I came home with a basket of Ontario peaches, vine-ripened tomatoes and 2 pots of ornamental grass for my backyard. They offer design workshops throughout the season and I’ll definitely be back!

From Halton, head north to Derry Road and follow Derry west to the end; turn right on Milborough Line and it’s just up a few minutes on your right. You can’t miss it, and you wouldn’t want to!

On the way home we stopped in Campbellville for lunch at the Trail Eatery. The menu practically fills the entire back wall; including a great breakfast until 3pm, grilled cheeses, freshly-made salads and homemade pecan pies.

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