Weekend Antiquing

My goal for the weekend was to get to the Christie Lake Antique Show. After my little companion woke up from her nap, we hopped in the car. The temperature was perfect (except for the wind, which knocked a few of one unfortunate vendor’s glasses over) and the selection was HUGE. About 10 acres of antiques.

Although I didn’t buy anything, I got lots of ideas and felt inspired and intrigued overall with what I saw. Maybe next time I’ll be better prepared (as in more cash and no kids tagging along). The next show – at the same place – is in September. There’s another show soon in Milton and a couple of the vendors I talked to are planning on attending.

Part of the appeal in going antiquing is seeing how people merchandise their items and whenever something a little odd catches my eye, I wonder when it was made, who made it and why someone wanted it! It also gives me new appreciation for things that’ve been handed down to me from generations past.

The conservation area’s property is beautiful: lots of trees and a lake with a 360 meter beach. I’ll be back with both kids in the summer for a swim. The swimming area is chlorinated and screened off from the rest of the lake.

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