Burlington Mall Farmer’s Market: guided tour of good food

My first visit to the Burlington Mall Farmer’s Market was great! I was inspired by the Food Revolution Day chef-guided tour of the market by Chef Daniel Holloway of Urban Acorn Catering. He shared tips on how to cook and enjoy everything from eggs and butter to fiddleheads and parsnips – all market fresh, of course.

This morning I was tempted by the locally-produced Maple Creamed Honey at Springridge Farm (to be opened at breakfast tomorrow); this afternoon I was tempted at the market into buying some cheese curds, two pies (pecan and bumble berry) and a package of Pure Bee Pollen that the vendor told me is great on cereal, contains lots of antioxidants, protein, enhances energy and is good for your skin. It’s said to have a nutty flavour, so in addition to my maple honey on toast tomorrow, I’ll spoon some on my boring fibre.

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Sure, it was an odd assortment of things to buy, but I didn’t have a shopping list going into it, I was essentially there for the tour and to get ideas of what I’ll definitely want to buy next week. In fact, there was so much asparagus available, that all I could think of was making the Asparagus Grilled Cheese from this month’s issue!

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