A New Season at the Oakville Centre

Coming off last week’s unveiling of our Fall/Winter 2013 brochure (find it here), we’d like to get you in the mood for a new season of live entertainment at the Oakville Centre by highlighting some of the shows that will most certainly be worth checking out as the summer wanes and the leaves begin to turn once again.

Steve Hackett

When: Wednesday, October 9th

Why You Should Be There: It’s not every day that a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and former Genesis guitarist happens to be performing live in your neighborhood. An integral member of one of the greatest British rock bands of all-time, Hackett provided the sound that sparked so many timeless Genesis hits, including “The Musical Box”. Hackett’s Oakville Centre debut, as part of his “Genesis Revisited World Tour”, offers a chance to hear the guitar talents that have influenced an array of rock greats, Eddie Van Halen, Rush’s Alex Lifeson and Queen’s Brian May among them.

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Ethan Russell

When: Saturday, November 2nd

Why You Should Be There: Russell isn’t a Rock God, but he sure does know how to make them look good. For over 40 years, the 67-year-old has played photographer to the stars as the man behind the lens that has captured some of the most iconic images in rock history. The photographic chronicler of such bands as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones has nearly a half century worth of stories and pictures to share, which he will be doing during an intimate, revealing show at the Oakville Centre in November. And if you’re worried about the prospect of a night filled with dull droning, have no fear – Russell’s show features over 300 projected images, music, a Q&A and even a meet-and-greet.

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Yiannis Kapoulas

When: Sunday, November 6th

Why You Should Be There: When it comes to a performer as varied and wide-ranging as Kapoulas is, it’s easier to identify them by what they aren’t rather than what they are. The Greek multi-instrumentalist is not a one-note, niche musician with a limited skill set. He is, however, just about everything else. The Hamilton native continues to break new ground with his infectious blend of ethno-fusion, World Instrumentals – a unique sound that runs the gamut of influences from Latin, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Jazz, Classical and Funk. His tools are also varied, consisting of a multitude of exotic stringed instruments. Altogether, it combines to form an exciting, dynamic sound that is completely original.

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The Once

When: Friday, December 13th

Why You Should Be There: The Oakville Centre is at its best when it features rising performers who are just beginning to tap into their great potential. And make no mistake – The Once, a charming, soulful Newfoundland trio, are well on their way. The soft, melodious sounds of Geraldine Hollett, Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale carry a distinctly raw, emotional vibe, while their expressive stage presence transcends words. Come see them this December so that you can tell you friends, “I saw them when…”.

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Jim Belushi & The Chicago Board of Comedy

When: Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Why You Should Be There: Provided you are familiar with Saturday Night Live, funny late ‘80’s films (K-9 and Curly Sue, to name two), According to Jim or, you know, comedy, you know who Jim Belushi is. The Chicago-born funnyman has return to his roots, both geographically and entertainment-wise, developing a young, sharp and witty collection of improvisers from Chi-town. Joining the veteran comic on-stage for what is sure to be a night of hilarity are Robert Belushi, Megan Grano, Jon Barinholz and Brad Morris.

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