Lemon Fresh – Paint Palettes for 2013

Article by Becky Dumais

Canadians crave that round, citrusy orb we call the sun all year round, but especially as we transition from winter into spring.   One way to give a room – or the entire house if you’re an ambitious decorator – a new look for the season is a fresh coat of paint.   Fittingly enough, the new colour palette released by Benjamin Moore is full of zesty, harmonious colours.   For more dramatic effect, bold neutrals are also included.

Tangy, fresh, and subtly sweet, “Lemon Sorbet” leads a new pack of 18 beautiful paint colours and is the Benjamin Moore 2013 Colour of the Year.   The carefully curated collection ranges from pretty pastels to steely neutrals for a fresh, cheerful take on colour.   “It’s nice to see Benjamin Moore venture into non-traditional neutrals,” comments Tom Marino of Painter’s Place, an authorized Benjamin Moore dealer.   “There is a nice focus on accent colors: yellows and blues, with hints of coral and rust.”


“Lemon sorbet is a perfect colour to begin invigorating change for 2013,” says Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore Colour Expert. “Colour has the power to evoke a mood and yellow, in its many variations, represents optimism and light. The colour forecast takes interior spaces in a new direction that we haven’t seen in quite some time. The move to a colour-full palette that mixes juicy colours with softer hues, balanced with neutrals, brings a high-fashion feel to the home.”

Popular rooms to redo at this time of year are always powder rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. “Finished basements have also become really big,” notes Tom.  “With new technology (big TVs, surround sound, movies on demand) there is a focus on creating a fun gathering place.”

Adding a fresh coat of paint needn’t be a huge undertaking, and there are plenty of resources available in Oakville and Burlington to help you with your project and colour decisions.

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