On a bike, around the block

The weather inspired some spring-like activities today. It was fantastically warm, so much so that my daughter begged us to heft her bike up from the basement so she could go for a ride (the only not-so-great thing was that she kept asking me while I was half asleep on the couch beside her).

Her dad took her for a spin around the block several times this afternoon while I stayed in and washed dishes, then it was time for them to come inside for a snack.

Even at 11:45pm the temperature is still 11 degrees outside. If your feet didn’t get a chance to get reacquainted with the pavement/grass today, it will be warm tomorrow too: a balmy 12 degrees. Enjoy it while you can, my neighbour tells me we may get a snowstorm on Thursday but let’s hope not – the kids can’t have another day off school two weeks in a row!

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