Warming up your wardrobe

When you think of winter fashion your mood tends to drop and you picture months of long dark days and even duller clothing, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Winter fashion has evolved – those long winter months can be more vibrant. No longer are we forced to only wear black and gray. Colour plays a huge part in winter fashion.

Once Halloween’s over we usually start searching the shops for those key pieces we’ll wear for the coming cold months. December has thrown us for a loop and our fall wardrobe has lasted longer than expected. But don’t get too comfortable, unless you’re warm and toasty, drinking a latte at your favourite coffee shop or camped in front of the fireplace.

Winter’s a hard enough season to get through, so make it a little brighter with these must-have winter pieces:

Pullover Sweaters: Pull overs come in every pattern and colour you can imagine. Each style is more colourful than the last. These sweaters are warm and functional what more could you ask for?

Puffa Coats: Winter is a big season and what better way to embrace it than with a big coat. Puffa coats are not only guaranteed to keep the cold out but they look chic doing it. While black is an obvious choice step outside your comfort zone and try burgundy or purple.

2-toned Leggings: Leggings are an essential part in any wardrobe; they are slimming and a great alternative to tights. Winter’s 2-toned leggings add a little visual appeal to any outfit and are thick to keep the frostbite off your legs.

While those pieces will carry you through winter don’t forget your scarf. The scarf whether it is over-sized, chiffon or patterned is an accessory that should never be forgotten. And the best part is it will carry you into spring, acting as an accent piece to any outfit.

Boyfriend Cardigan meets Cropped Pant: Thankfully winter slowly rolls into spring and to transition into warmer days you can pull out those spring maxi dresses and pair them with a boyfriend cardigan to cover your shoulders. Another way to embrace spring is to invest in a pair of cropped pants, they show a little skin while still remaining appropriate for cooler days.

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Contributed by: Erin Montgomery


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