5 post-Christmas clean-up tips

Taken down your tree yet? Removed all the decorations the day after New Years but it’s still standing there, bare? Post-holiday clean-up is not as fun as decorating, but it is important to properly store holiday decorations to ensure they are around for many years to come. If you’re not sure where to start, Canadian Tire offers the following post-holiday organization tips to get you ready for next year:

Wrap ornaments individually to avoid breakage or use an ornament storage box available at Canadian Tire stores.

If you have to store an artificial tree, use a storage bag or bin that’s large enough to keep all the pieces together for easy assembly next year.

Clearly label boxes and storage bags with your holiday items so that you can find all your favourite decorations easily next year.

Place leftover rolls of wrapping paper in a tall laundry hamper or garment bag.

Use a garden hose reel or Lights Kit Storage to keep lights from getting tangled or broken.

Proper storage of holiday decor will make it that much easier the following year to trim the tree and deck the halls for the season.


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